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Nicholas De Genova is the host of a new podcast,  Metropolis Rising  (first launched in February 2021).


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"Once You Know, You Can't Stop":

Victoria Cervantes' Lifelong Commitment to Social Justice

In this episode of Metropolis Rising, our guest is Victoria Cervantes.  Vicki is a lifelong activist who first became politicized in high school in the mid-to-late-1960s during the social upheaval of the Vietnam era's civil rights and anti-war movements.  Vicki has been a community and labor activist for decades in Chicago's Mexican community, where she has raised her family.  After the military coup in Honduras in June 2009, Vicki helped to found the Honduras Solidarity Network and serves as the network's North American coordinator.  She has traveled regularly to Honduras, where she spends time in the campesino and indigenous communities and the broader resistance movement, and works as a human rights observer.


Portrait of an Artist:  Martin Crudo ... ¿Y Qué?

In Episode 2 of Metropolis Rising, my guest is Latinx artist Martin Sorrondeguy (also known as Martin Crudo).  Martin is best known as the founder, lead singer, and lyricist of the Latinx hardcore punk bank, Los Crudos, who quickly came to have an impact around the world.  The lyrics of the band’s songs spoke politically to the Latinx experience in the United States but also responded to popular struggles across Latin America.  The band originated in the 1990s in the Pilsen neighborhood, the center of the political and cultural life of Chicago’s Mexican community, where Martin grew up.  Later, Sorrondeguy moved on to other musical projects, including the queercore punk band, Limp Wrist, and most recently a solo electronic dance music project called NRRRV.  Martin is also an accomplished photographer.



The Show Goes On:

Remembering Keeley, with Prison Abolitionist Maya Schenwar


On the first episode of Metropolis Rising, Professor De Genova's guest is Maya Schenwar.  Maya is editor-in-chief of the social justice news website, TruthOut.  Following the one-year anniversary of her sister Keeley’s death at the age of 29, Maya reflects on Keeley’s struggles with drug addiction, her life in and out of prison beginning when she was 14 years old, the delivery of her first child in prison, and the enduring inspiration of Keeley’s resistance against the cruel injustices that shaped her experience.

Much of Maya’s work focuses on prison and related topics. She is an activist journalist who has authored numerous essays and several books.  Her latest book is Prison By Any Other Name.